The Colas Team Cup
Paris qualification deadline has now passed and we are pleased to announce
the soccer team and runners who will be headed to Paris this February to
represent Canada.


A big thank you to
everyone who participated, came out to cheer, or helped to make all of the
qualifying events a success.


Total number of
participants: (running and
soccer): 125


Total money raised
at the western tournament soccer banquet for the St. Albert Food Bank:


RUNNERS: Of 10 available spots in Paris, our runners in Canada managed to secure 8 of them, but best of all 2 are from CRB!!!!


Female Runners:

1.    Christine MARLEAU - CRB with AHSL    

2.    Tedi

3.    Caroline

4.    Alice


Male Runners:

1.    Ryan MCDONALD - CRB with ACP Construction

2.    David

3.    Ryan

4.   Ryan


SOCCER: Top 4 teams
following the western tournament:


1.    Furfari
– Paris Qualifiers - Furfari, ON

2.    SG
Edmonton - SGE, AB

3.    Specialists - SINTRA, QC

4.    Quicksand - CRB with LRM, BC


Congratulations to
all the qualifiers !

GO Christine & GO Ryan !!

Bring home the gold !!!



Source : Colas Canada - Connexion newsletter - Number 4




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