The Colas Team Cup is the first in-house international sports challenge organized by the Colas Group. The competition is organized around two sports: 

  • Five-a-side soccer 
  • Running: a 10km race, a half-marathon and a marathon

We request your support as you can play a major role in the competition and help our 16 CRB participants make it to the international finals in Paris, France!

Whether you are colleagues, friends, family, your support of the team or an athlete of your choice can be decisive. So it's up to you to make a difference!

The principle is simple: each supporter has 10 points to be awarded to a maximum of 10 different athletes / teams. (See PDF documents attached for the list of Runners participants on page 2 & Soccer teams on page 3) Simply select the athletes or teams you would like to support and then fill in your email address in the field provided. A validation email will be sent to you in your e-mail, it will remain only to click on the link.

The totals points are distributed according to the sporting performance but also with the activity on the social networks and the support of the supporters.

Each support counts as 1 point on up to 150 points per team or athlete!

That’s why your support to our CRB Participants is important!

Visit the website


Support our CRB participants - Colas Team Cup.pdf

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