Canadian Road Builders Inc.

Canadian Road Builders Inc. - Covid 19: Best Practices External Communication

Effective: March 24, 2020

The Covid 19: Crisis is rapidly evolving, as is the Public Health recommendations to combat it. The information in this document is subject to change as the situation evolves and based on the most current information provided by Provincial and Federal health authorities, as well as Colas Canada guidelines.

EXTERNAL Communication of Best Practices & Service Commitment

Canadian Road Builders committed to the provision of a safe and healthy work environment to all our employees, clients and business partners. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, our objective to develop an action plan that will protect and maintain the Health and Safety of all employees, visitors, the public and contractors in the vicinity of CRB worksites including their physical, psychological and social well-being.

Canadian Road Builders also committed to the continuance of delivery of services to our clients in a manner that will ensure the safety of all. This continuity will be developed on guiding principles of Prevention of Infection, Response if infection is discovered, and Recovery to ensure projects are completed with as minimal delay as possible if our workforce or supply chains are impacted by situations beyond our immediate control.

Like everyone, Canadian Road Builders has been monitoring the ongoing developments regarding COVID-19 very closely. Our concern for the communities we live and operate in is of extreme importance to us and as such, we have implemented an action plan to help us navigate during this unprecedented situation.

We will continue to service our business partners with their construction, material supply and snow removal needs. With all of our combined efforts we can do our part in keeping our communities safe and protecting those most vulnerable. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your Canadian Road Builder Inc. Representative.